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There are many approaches to pressure visitors to your internet site via the hunt engine rating factors; here, we can talk about one of the excellent crucial phrases known as article submission at the applicable websites’ weblogs. If you’re interested in Write For Us in line with your information and informative writer submission, virtual net offerings are an excellent selection for your weblog submission or article submission. We’re accepting all varieties of tech niche subject matter. You may “write for us” on virtual advertising, net hosting, search engine marketing, eCommerce, internet site design, Mobile APP development, Video advertising, AI, IoT, etc.

If You are interested in contributing an editorial as a visitor writer with our internet site weblog, then experience loose to touch us via e-mail Id: Or fill out the given request form.


Through visitor submit contribution websites, you may proportion your tech information and thoughts from different right authority websites and attain your treasured audience. There are plenty of excessive area rating (DR) websites to be had, in which you may request to submit your right first-rate article and get acclaim for your authority article to submit. It may assist you in getting extra recognition for your profile and additionally increase your internet site’s search engine marketing rating on SERPs. But if you do unsolicited mail visitor posts of your web website online, then you may lose your rating & credibility gradually. Below you may see a few crucial points, which you need to observe earlier than era write for us or contributes to any article published on our internet site.

A few Important Points to do not forget earlier than writing for us:

  • Keep your content material applicable to your subject matter and our internet site area of interest.
  • The article ought to be a treasured aid for the visitor.
  • Make certain that your article can no longer be posted everywhere else if it’s been posted already.
  • It would help if you attempted to write an editorial on a brand-new trending subject matter.
  • It would help if you usually wrote informative articles instead of promotional ones.
  • Check the internet site’s plagiarism grammatical mistakes earlier than sharing your article with the internet site’s admin.


  1. Technology
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Website Design & Development
  4. Web Hosting
  5. Search Engine Optimization (search engine marketing)
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Online Business
  8. E-trade Marketing
  9. Software
  10. WordPress
  11. Online Assignment Help
  12. Programming
  13. WooCommerce
  14. Internet of things (IOT)
  15. Artificial intelligence (AI)
  16. Mobile App
  17. Internet & Data Security
  18. Cloud Computing

Note – If the class you want isn’t always indexed above and your article is appropriate for this weblog, then experience losing your thought. We can respect your new thoughts and information & make certain to submit it on our internet site’s weblog.


Content should be written in line with a google seek console or webmaster recommendations.

The visitor submitting the article needs to be 100% specific and do now no longer submit it everywhere else after publishing it on our weblog.

  • The article Should be loose of grammar mistakes.
  • Content duration needs to be around 600-2500 words.
  • Article identify duration shouldn’t be longer than seventy-six characters.
  • To make articles appealing and understandable, you need to use the right heading & subheadings.
  • Affiliate hyperlinks now no longer permit inside your content material.
  • You also can upload applicable video and infographic capabilities to the submit via YouTube URLs.
  • Send the item in formats like- “Docs,” “DOCX,” and “Google Docs Sheet.”
  • You can ship a photograph in pixels and on Flickr.
  • We also are permitting you to submit the click launch article as well.
  • You can ship your writer bio information on social media profile URLs.


Suppose you’re in reality curious about the era “write for us” and contribute to an editorial on our internet site as a visitor writer. In that case, you may ship a pitching e-mail to with an appropriate subject and writer bio and submit your identity. We will respect such varieties of write-up content material that’s extra appropriate for posting on virtual net offerings’ blogs.

Article Publishing Method

After getting your article, I will make an effort for the evaluation process.

If your article is specific and certified for our weblog submission, then the webmaster of DWS will submit it quickly. You may get your stay hyperlink via our internet site, Social Media channels, such as – Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and LinkedIn.

If we locate any hassle through publishing your article submission, our content material advertising crew will let you know to clear it up via your given mail ID.


Benefits of Finding High Authority Guest Posting Website

Today, tens of thousands and thousands of visitors submit-accepting websites on the Internet. But locating an excellent internet site to submit your article could be very difficult. Here we’re assisting you in discovering the right first-rate websites that may be useful to your content material publishing.

How to Find Guest Posts accepting web sites?

There are plenty of approaches to discovering any kinds or class of visitor submit accepting web sites, and It consists of many techniques which you may use and observe all through the look for the excellent internet site for a visitor submit:

Popular Search Terms For Guest Post Sites

Your Keyword “become a contributor”
Keyword “become a guest blogger”
Your Keyword “guest posting guidelines”
Keyword “become guest writer”
Your Keyword “submit content”
Your Keyword “contributor guidelines”
Keyword “guest author”
Keyword “guest post courtesy of”
Your Keyword “contribute to our site”
Search Keyword “guest post opportunities”
Your Keyword “guest post”
Keyword “guest poster wanted”
Your Keyword “guest posts wanted”
Search Keyword “guest column”
Your Keyword “looking for guest posts”
Your Keyword “send a tip”
Search Keyword “submit an article”
Keyword “contributing writer”
Search Keyword “become an author”
Keyword “submit article”
Your Keyword “submit blog post”
Search Keyword “accepting guest posts”
Your Keyword “submit guest post”
Your Keyword “submit post”
Keyword “submit your content”
Your Keyword “submit news”
Search Keyword “suggest a post”
Your Keyword “this is a guest post by”
Keyword “This post was written by”
Search Keyword “want to write for”
Your Keyword “submit for us “Your Keyword “guest article”
Keyword “writers wanted”
Search “Your Keyword “guest blogger”
Keyword “articles wanted”
Your Keyword inurl: “guest blogger”
Keyword inurl: “guest post”
guest posting sites for technology
tech blogs that accept guest posts

“Technology” + “Write For Us” technology write for us

Thenewtechupdates blog really appreciates guest posts and content that is relevant to technology or Tech, we welcome “technology write for us” content and articles that stuff is demonstrating technology news and updates.

More Ways & Queries To Submit Guest Post On Technology Blog

“write for us technology”
“write to us” + “technology”
“guest posting” + “technology”
“submit guest post” + “technology”
“technology guest post”
“free guest posting” + “technology”
“submit technology guest post”
“write for us” + “technology”
“free guest post” + “technology”
technology + “write for us” + guest post
Tech “Write For Us”
We are accepting “Tech Write For Us” pitches and focusing highly upon that type of tech related content.

You Can Find More Tech Guest Post Blogs By Searching Write for Us Keywords

  • “tech” + “write to us”
  • “guest posting” + “tech”
  • “write for us tech”
  • “guest post” + “tech”
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  • “submit tech guest post”
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  • business write for us guest post
  • business + write for us + guest post
  • technology write for us” + guest post
  • Gadgets “Write For Us”

Also focusing upon latest gadgets related guest posts. Our editors appreciate those articles elaborating new & trending gadgets.

Some Relevant Search Strings For Gadgets Guest Posts

  • “write for us gadgets”
  • “write for us” + “gadgets”
  • “write for us” + “gadgets review”
  • “gadgets” + “free guest posting”
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  • “submit guest post” + “gadgets”
  • gadgets write for us
  • gadgets “write for us”

write for us + gadgets Advance Search Queries to Find Guest Posting Websites in 2022

  • Technology “write for us”
  • technology blog “write for us”
  • technology + “write for us”
  • “write for us” Technology
  • technology + “write for us” + guest post
  • social media “write for us”
  • email marketing + “write for us”

For Categories, you can add category name along with this query:

“tech blog”
“submit a guest post”
“write for us”
“guest article”
“this is a guest post by”
“contributing writer”
“want to write for”
“submit blog post”
“contribute to our site”
“submit content”
“submit your content”
“guest post”
“guest posts wanted”
“guest blogger”
“become a guest blogger”
“submit news”
“submit post”

How to search for Tech sites

“Write for us”+ Tech
“Write of us “+ tech news
“Write for us”+ tech business
“Write for us”+ latest tech news
“Write to us”+ marketing
Business: “Write for us “ + Guest Post
Business “Write to us”
“Technology” + Guest Post
“Write for us”+ Startup Business
“Write for us” Share your Business Story

Once you’re given an internet site that you have required and associated with your submission, you need to discover the given search engine marketing metrics to test the first-rate of that site.

  1. Domain Authority (DA)
  2. Domain Rating (DR)
  3. Spam Score
  4. Organic visitors
  5. Keywords Ranking
  6. Quality of backlinks
  7. Page indexing status

Some Benefits of visitor submission are:

Natural Inbound hyperlink: If you’re doing a visitor posting of your internet site, then google counts your hyperlink as a herbal backlink. And no threat of getting an automated or guide penalty from Google.

Referral visitors of your web website online – That way, content material published on every other internet site as a visitor submit, you may get traffic at once on your website online via a given referral hyperlink inside the content material. With this, you may grow many visitors to your web website online.

Get aid to your net page: If you’re posting your article on excessive authority and right visitors to your internet site, then it’s going to aid your internet site to grow the advent and attain on search engines like google and yahoo with a few particular keywords.

Improve writing skills: If you’re a content material writer and have a passion for writing, then visitor posting is an excellent way to submit your content material or weblog.


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Q 1. What blessings of sharing my article and product opinions at virtual net offerings?

Ans: Digital net offerings are one of the excellent structures for sharing era-primarily based content material. Our editor crew customizes the weblog in line with search engine marketing and google recommendations earlier than posting it. Here are the editorial & search engine marketing crew. Additionally, make certain to rank your published weblog on SERPs so that you can get extra sales via your visitor weblog submission.

Q 2. Which form of article class lets you submit on virtual net offerings?

Ans: We are permitting extraordinary varieties of tech areas of interest subjects to submit on my weblog. You may write about an era, virtual advertising, software program opinions, cell apps, IoT, AI, eCommerce, and many extra categories.

Q 3. Can you deliver me the everlasting authority to submit my weblog often on DWS?

Ans: Of course, It can be possible, in case you are a great writer and your write-up ability is ideal for my weblog. This medium could be useful for each folk to long-time period Content advertising.

Q 4. How can you sell my weblog as soon as it’s submitted to your internet site?

Ans: Such a pleasing question, After posting your article on our weblog, we are sharing it on our social media platform to sell it for you to grow the referral visitors to your internet site.