Instagram tricks and Tips

Instagram tricks & tips : 

As we know the Instagram, now Instagram is very popular on social networks. Instagram is the social network which helps the user to take photos and videos and help to share them. so here is the Instagram tricks and tips.

We have so much of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, flicker etc.

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Instagram is created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom and instragram created on October 2010.

Now Instagram has rapidly gained popularity and it has more than 100 million active users all over the world and now it is still going up and getting more users.

And now here we are going to share the information about Instagram tricks and tips.

How to start:

This is very easy to start, first you have to register and download Instagram app from your phone app stores. Then you have to install and download the Instagram and then you have to sing up, let’s start with steps:

Open Instagram – Sign Up – enter your email address – tap next to log in with your Facebook account

After sign up you can see Instagram from your PC or laptop or Phone.

After following all above steps, you need to complete your Instagram profile.

Add profile photo:

Go to profile photo – tap blank circle by your name – upload photos from your phone gallery or from Twitter or from Facebook or you can take a new photo. And then upload it.

About yourself:

Here is for your personal details like your gender, phone number, date of birth etc.

Search for follow:

As we know that Instagram have lots of active users, here you have to find friends those who already there in Instagram. Here you can search you friends also which are connect to Facebook or twitter.

Go to Profile tab – select find friends in option settings

Here you can also follow your best and favorite celebrities or people whose photos you admire at Instagram. This is the best place to follow lots of your favorite and interesting things.

Post photos and videos:

Under this best topics of Instagram – tips and tricks, we will see some best tricks for your profile. Now you to upload your photos on your profile.

Tap cursor on camera icon on the menu app then you can either take your photo or you can record your videos or else you can choose from your Phone gallery.

Here you can edit your photos and videos. You crop photos and edit videos (edit with clip length upto minute) or you can create multiples of videos. Once you create videos or edit photos then you can share your photos and videos.

Perfect Instagram photos:

The tips and tricks of Instagram is to provide the good selections of filters and provide creative editing tools to make your photos best and very attractive, which shows the standard of the photos. And it will rescue bad one from the trash. Here it will help you to provide your photos by changing the brightness  and contrast, manipulate the colors and add more and even you should do experiment.

Here you have some plenty if photo editing apps like:


  • Snapseed


  • Aviary


  • Adobe photoshop Express


  • VASCOcam



Outside the square:

What is outside square?

Earlier what where happened, Instagram let you to upload only square photos. That time you have to crop photo or shoot in square mode.

As per the information, Instagram lifted this restriction on August 2015. So no need to worry. Now you can upload photos or shoot in landscape and portrait formats.

Tag people:

Instagram – tips and tricks, if you are upload any photos on your profile and you want to tag person in the photo, then enter name or Instagram username.


Make your photos and videos private:

This is about our profile photos and videos visibility on public. When you create your Instagram account then anyone can see your profile, if you want to post private then,

Go to profile – go settings – then turn on private account settings.


Link Instagram to your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr accounts:

This is also the Instagram – tips and tricks that here you can link or connect your all social accounts.

When you post photos or videos on Instagram account and you will have option you can select post and can share post to other accounts.

You can link to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr accounts.

For linked: GO to profile – linked accounts – share settings – you can select which account you want to linked.


Send direct messages:

Instagram – tips and tricks, here you can easily send direct messages, it like private messages it won’t be visible.

You can go to top of Instagram homepage – go to Icon (is looks like a drawer)

That will directly go to direct menu where you can find your private messages.

Instagram is popular for photo sharing, but it has messaging function which help the users to send notes photos, videos etc.

Go to direct menu – select send photo or videos or send messages.


Hide or remove tagged photos:

Instagram tricks and tips, generally we have seen in social media, our friends in our account they used to upload photos and they do tag. Sometimes you don’t like that photos because of some embarrassing or private photos and you don’t want others to see those photos.

Here you can easily hide or remove tagged photos.


  • Tap to photos and your Instagram will appear


  • Then tap your handle


  • Popup menu – photos of you then you have to select hide from my profile.

And if you don’t want to tag then you can easily remove tag.

Go to more option – choose remove me from that photos.

Turn Off video Preload:

Here generally what happened, when your scroll your feed and sometimes you will come across to videos and that videos will automatically plays which you cannot pause same time. And you don’t want to watch that videos.

Here Instagram tricks and tips have some advanced features which you can use it, it will happened with only preload only when Wifi is connected.

Go to your Profile – go bottom on far right – select setting – vertical three dots button for android

Scroll to “Preload” and choose between “Always“ or “Only on Wifi”.


Hashtag shortcuts:

Instagram tricks and tips – this is best way of creating post. What is the useful of “Hashtag”?

This is actually helps your post to show on top in feed. Actually Instagram had recently changed hashtag algorithms. If you add hashtag in your picture then it will be on top of the feed.

Here we have easy shortcuts steps:


  • Go to settings on home page


  • Click on General then click on keyboard


  • Then click text replacement and + button at the top


  • Add your hashtag into pharse line


  • Add shortcuts name in the shortcuts line and click on save.


  • Then open Instagram and you can select photos which you want and add hashtag


  • Then write or type hashtag shortcuts into your caption or in comments.